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this_is_a_stupid_way_to_write_a_paperThe news that teenage kids are under way too much stress from school has been around for years. The Internet is full of advice on how to help kids cope with the stress, but few are the resources that grapple with the source of the stress itself.

Catalyst has a pin board that links to many of the news items about this problem. 

Those articles are describing a crisis. But those who are suffering in this crisis are almost invisible. In the competitive environment of some “pressure cooker” high schools mean that kids and parents both keep their difficulties under wraps. Families in crisis are out there in great numbers; but they’re almost impossible to find. If you believe in what Catalyst is doing, you can help.

Ask your kids if they know of friends who are having a difficult time. Mention to your friends that you read an article about school stress and were surprised to find out that teens more stressed out than adults are.  Go with your gut…if it looks like there might be a problem, it doesn’t hurt to find out.

Look around your community. If you see evidence of the negative effects of school stress, you can put out our message. You can put up a flyer at your local library, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Panera, or other places frequented by parents or families.

You might not have this particular problem with your own kids, but you see it, you know it’s real, and you want to help? You can.

OK! Let me help! Give me some flyers to distribute.

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